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Drive by Eye™

Ability Drive® with Drive by Eye™ Technology gives you the power to be independently mobile in your powered wheelchair using eye gaze movements.


Ability Drive®

Ability Drive® is a drive control interface that enables you to drive a powered wheelchair with your eyes. Using virtual buttons and eye gaze technology, people who are not able to use a joystick can regain movement independence. Patent Pending.


The A13J is a lightweight alternative drive control you can use with your eyes.  This device is designed for people who can no longer use the joystick on their powered wheelchair and do not have a supported eye gaze device. 



Ability Power provides USB Power Delivery to tablets attached to powered wheelchairs from the wheelchair’s batteries. Supported devices include the A13J, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, and any device that supports USB power delivery. Ability Power has two charge ports, a 60 watt tablet port and a 15 watt phone port. This product is only compatible with RNet based chairs This reduces care giver burden to keep multiple devices charged.


Ability Mount securely attaches an A13J to a powered wheelchair so that eye gaze can be used while the wheelchair is in motion.  It easily moves out of the way for transfers, and moves back to the previously selected locking position. It supports multiple locking positions for different seating arrangements throughout the day.

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