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How did Tolt Technologies come about?

Steve Gleason gave the challenge to drive his wheelchair with his eyes at a hackathon project.  Out of social motivation in 2020 Tolt Technologies was started to distribute Ability Drive.  Tolt Technologies is a women owned business that strives to make a solution to enable people with disabilities to live more independent lives.

About Us
Tracy Beavers

While at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, I cofounded PolarNet, the first internet service provider in Alaska. After pausing my career to raise 7 kids, I reentered the business world to create Tolt Technologies, a socially motivated company.  My goal is enabling people living with disabilities to regain independence through assistive technology.

Jay 2.png
Jay Beavers

I'm a perpetual engineer who started writing code at the age of eight and never stopped. I love the intersection of software, hardware, entrepreneurship, and leadership. My two favorite activities are assembling a high performing team and watching them knock it out of the park and writing code that does something novel.

Austin Photo.png
Austin Howell

I embraced a person-centered approach toward work and life while studying Psychology and Business at Calvin College. It has informed my pursuit of vocation, working empathetically in fields of the niche, nuance, and meaningful missions. I am invigorated by the work we do at Tolt because we are pioneering independence through technology, and this promotes mobility justice in the world, which matters to me on a core level. In my free time I enjoy hiking, learning about new tech, and playing pickleball.

Joshua Beavers

Coming Soon

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