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Supported Eye-gaze Devices

At Tolt Technologies we work hard for Ability Drive® to be the bridge between your preferred eye-gaze device and your power wheelchair. 

Tobii I-Series - i13 or i16


TD I-Series is an eye gaze-enabled speech generating device that features an outdoor capable eye tracker.  The I-Series comes pre-loaded with AAC software to meet a range of communication needs.

SmartBox Gridpad 12
with Lumin-i or Alea 

With SmartBox's Grid 3 speech software this devices provides a solution for people with complex access and communication needs.

Smartbox_logo_FULL COLOUR_AW.png
ASI logo-vert.1.png

Accessibility Services Inc. AT-12 

The autonoME device combines eye-gaze with advanced home automation systems. 

Jabbla Tellus i6

The Tellus i6 is a fully-fledged computer and communication device in one, with 14-inch display, TiltCam, and a Tobii eye tracker.


RM Speech Inspire XL

The Inspire XL is a medical device that allows users with a variety of speech impairments to have access to verbal communication.

EyeTech EyeOn Elite

The EyeOn Elite uses the OnBright communication software and has an active-IR illumination eye tracking system. This devices comes with OnBright communication software.

01_eyetech_logo_BW_1200px_f1 (6) (1).png

Eyegaze Inc. Eyegaze Edge

This device is highly adaptable to work with different eye conditions. This device features Eyeworld for accessing computer functionality and communication.

Talk To Me Technologies Zuvo12 

Communicate quickly and confidently with this easy-to-use, speech-generating device.

FAAC logo_tag.jpeg

Forbes Winslate 12 with Hiru Camera

The WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™ incorporates cutting-edge eye tracking technology to provide access to all that Windows 10 has to offer.

Control Bionics NeuroNode Trilogy

This AAC featuring the Hiru or Alea camera combines eye-gaze with EMG or muscle move switch. 

Control Bionics Logo_tag.png

Tolt Technologies A13j

The A13J is a lightweight alternative drive control you can use with your eyes.  This device is designed for people who can no longer use the joystick on their powered wheelchair and do not have a supported eye gaze device. 

Tolt Technologiesx2.png

The Most Advanced AAC Solution from PRC-Saltillo, featuring a large 14” screen for individuals with complex access needs or those who want larger icons and better visibility.

Devices NOT Supported

Tobii TD Pilot - iPad 

Skyle for Windows or iPad

Ability Drive® is not supported on untested devices such as consumer tablets. Use on an unapproved device is unwarranted and unsupported. We are aware of safety issues that can arise when using unapproved devices and we strongly discourage the sale or reuse of Ability Drive in these circumstances. Here is why.

Devices with discontinued support

All devices with the Irisbond Duo camera

Older devices still supported

SmartBox GridPad 12/15 using a Tobii Dynavox Camera

Tobii i12+/i15+

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